The Stave Society

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We want YOUR name to be permanently affixed in the distillery for all to see that you were a part of making this happen. To do this, we will be breaking down some old barrels and using the staves to build our new cocktail bar. BUT, we want your name on the stave!
We want to create something that our community can be proud of and we want YOU to be a part!
Here’s what you get:

Your name will have a prominent place in our distillery forever!

  • We will hand select a barrel stave and have your name engraved on it by a professional woodworker.
  • A section of our new lounge will be built with the engraved staves from the Stave Society!
  • Each member will get a numbered membership card
  • Show us your membership card and get Happy Hour prices!
  • What good is a cocktail lounge if we’re not enjoying cocktails? Members will have their very own private soft opening event before the rest of the public!

We're surrounding ourselves with industry experts, bringing on new hires, and investing in our community for long term growth. Good spirits takes time and patience, and we want you to join us on this journey. This is a huge step towards transforming and growing the distilling community, supporting local agriculture, and pushing the limits on what is to come - not only for Lost Ark, but for all spirit lovers. By purchasing one of our staves, you will be helping support our expansion, as well as our ever-growing thirst for new and creative spirits!